Mitch Ashburn

Real Estate Agent

Call: 320-444-1945

Mitch’s avid interest in buying and selling investment properties over the last 20 years makes him a natural fit for the team at Truly Home Real Estate. He enjoys putting his experience to good use for his clients as a licensed Realtor.

He understands the importance of evaluating properties for their investment potential. His own experience drove him to develop an extensive property evaluation process to determine whether a property could be a good investment option. He now guides his clients through the entire process of buying and selling investment properties, including walking them through this evaluation.

Mitch grew up on his family’s farm just south of Murdock, where they farmed over 3,000 acres of crops. He then went on to earn his Farm Operations and Management Degree. For 17 years, Mitch worked in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and electrical industries, testing and designing residential HVAC and electrical systems. He draws on his background in these trades to help his clients make informed decisions when choosing a home or investment property.

Today, he lives near Pennock with his wife, Jeanne. They are proud parents of two grown children, Zac and Emily, and have two cats who provide hours of entertainment. When Mitch isn’t scouting investment properties, he enjoys creating new rubs and marinades for smoked meats. His family and friends are happy to be guinea pigs for this hobby!

Mitch Ashburn Real Estate Agent
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