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Real Estate Market Analysis

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is something Realtors use to determine how to price a home. A CMA looks at many different things to establish this value, including:

  • Price of homes sold in the neighborhood recently
  • What the current housing market is doing
  • Size of the lot
  • Age of the home
  • Finished square footage

There are quite a few more factors that go into the analysis, but we mostly work with those behind the scenes.

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Truly Home Real Estate’s Process

When someone comes to us to sell their home, we take time to visit the property to collect data for the analysis. In addition to the above list, we’ll look at the condition of your home, any upgrades you’ve done, the total square footage, and much more. We also do some research on public data from county records.

Then, we take all of this information and compare it to properties that have recently sold. We do most of this at our Spicer office. Once we’re done, we prepare a report and share it with you, the seller.

What Does a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Cost?

At Truly Home Real Estate, we offer a CMA for each of our sellers free of charge. We know that using this tool helps us maximize the listing price for your home, so we use it for every property we sell.

One thing to note is that a CMA is different than an appraisal. We are not appraisers, so our numbers are more of an estimate than an appraiser’s would be. It’s our opinion on listing price, based on our visual comparisons of properties and all the data collected. This is why our CMA is free, but appraisers charge a fee.

Feel free to call us to learn more about having us do a CMA for your home.

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