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New & Experienced Real Estate Agents Welcome!

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Have you ever thought about becoming a real estate agent? Or maybe you’re a seasoned agent looking to find a company that values you. We would love to talk to you about working with us!

We know from experience how overwhelming it can be to start out, or start over, in a real estate career. That’s why we offer plenty of support and mentorship for agents who join our team—both new and experienced. That includes providing a start-up kit, which cuts back on some of the upfront costs of starting with a new real estate company.

Our Team Approach

Because we’re independently owned, we can offer flexibility for our team members. Each of our agents is an independent contractor, which means they have even more freedom and flexibility.

But just because we’re all independent contractors doesn’t mean that everyone is on their own. In fact, it’s really the opposite—we prioritize working as a team. If that means one of our agents is on vacation but a client wants to look at their listing, our team members here gladly step in and help out.

We do things this way in order to create a positive, fun, and energetic environment for everyone. We believe that every agent matters, and we encourage new ideas. Together, we work toward success for everybody—agents and clients.

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As you may know, real estate agents earn a commission when they sell a property. That commission amount can vary with each agency.

At Truly Home Real Estate, we offer competitive Realtor/Broker commission splits. We’re happy to talk specifics with you if you want to give us a call.


If you’re someone who loves working with people and has a “go get it” attitude, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call or schedule an appointment to talk more about the support you’ll find when you join Truly Home Real Estate.

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